Jan. 2020: Frame A Landscape

One of the stops on our Westward Ho! journey last fall was Dead Horse Point State Park in southern Utah.  I’d seen a gorgeous shot taken at the ‘point’ on a photographer’s social media site and wanted to go there.  Hubs and I decided to hike the 2.5 miles (one way) to the point.  The trail follows the canyon rim and was definitely the road less traveled.  We passed one or two others.  When we arrived at the point, we saw a large parking lot filled with tour buses and many peeps!  We laughed it off and agreed the view at the point was worth it.  Check it out If you get out that way: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/dead-horse/

On the return hike, I spied a couple of locations where the view, including the canyon floor, and Colorado River, peeked through the sandstone. Note to self: Take the tripod next time and take several shots with different F stops and focal lengths so that everything is in focus.Dead Horse Point SP 8 Sept 2019 Color LoResTechnicals:  Photo taken September 23, 2019, Nikon D3200, Nikkor Lens 16-80mm @ 24mm, F3.5, ISO 100, 1/800 SS, Camera Raw, Hand Held.  Edited in PS to bring out colors and details.

Jan 2020: Boots

Jax Boots 1 Jan 2020 Color LoResIt was extremely hard not to LOL at 5-yo Jax walking in Cliff’s cowboy boots as the 10 gallon hat kept sliding down his face.  Kids are a complete hoot!  Honestly!!!

Technicals:  Photo taken January 20, 2020, Nikon D3200, Nikkor Lens 16-80mm @ 35mm, F3.3, ISO 200, 1/2500 SS, Camera Raw, Handheld.  Cropped and edited in PS for clarity and color saturation in PS.

Jan 2020: Spiral

Found, by chance, this exterior spiral staircase while I was doing reconnaissance for another LWRDPC class I’m taking.  In fact, I found two…the 2nd one is inside a retail store.  Decided to make my submittal a bit different by including the sun (which looks like 2 suns due to the juxtaposition of the stairs) and presenting in sepia tone.

Technicals:  Photo taken Jan. 15, 2020, Nikon D3200, Nikkor Lens 16-80mm @ 56mm, ISO 200, F14, 1/4000 SS.  Cropped, white balance changed to sepia in PS, Camera Raw, Hand Held.

Spiral Staircase 1 Jan 2020 Color LoRes copy

Jan 2020: Nest

A turtle nest on Turtle Beach.  Another good timing photo.  During July 2017 hubs and I spent a few days in our RV at Turtle Beach.  We walked down to the beach for sunset, a ritual at the campground, and were rewarded with a turtle nest, magnificent sky and 3 separate rainstorms! The 2 wooden stakes, orange plastic tape and yellow sign mark a sea turtle nest. Sea Turtles nest on Florida coasts May 1 – November 30.

Technicals:  Photo taken July 5, 2017, 7:29p, with my vintage iPhone 6, edited in PS to bring out the colors and clarity.Turtle Rain2 July 2017 Color LoRes

Jan 2020: Boats

The Sarasota Model Yacht Club races at one of the Benderson Park lakes.  This link provides info and schedule: https://nathanbendersonpark.org/programming/rc-sailboats.html.

Normally, their races are on fairly calm waters.  Today, the winds were steady at 15 knots (17-18 mph).  And those racers were moving!

Technicals:  Photo taken January 9, 2020, Nikon D3200, Nikkor Lens 200-500mm @ 240mm, F5.6, ISO 200, 1/4000 SS, Camera Raw, Hand Held.  Cropped and converted to B&W in PS.

Model Sailboats 1 Jan 2020

Jan 2020: Something Blue

Hello and HNY Bloggers!

In keeping with the spirit of a scavenger hunt and adhering to the January themes “winter”, I submit this Great Blue Heron, a photo I took just about a year ago.  This guy/gal had just completed dipping his/her wings in the lake and was shaking to dry off when I was at the right spot at the right time.  Great Blues (aka Ardea) are common in our area and are year round residents.

Technicals:  Photo taken January 11, 2018. Nikon D3200, Nikkor Lens 200-500mm @ 500mm.  F5.6, ISO 200, 500SS, Camera Raw, Hand Held. Edited/cropped in PS, I changed up the White Balance a bit to bring out more blue.

Ardea Ruffled Feathers Color LoRes

Dec 2019: Cookies!

Our Christmas celebration (aka gift opening) is delayed until tonight so that our son, daughter-in-law and family from other parts of Florida could be together.  The result is that I’ve had two more days to prepare!

Today’s photo are cookies being ‘snowed on’ with powdered sugar.  They are delish so sharing the recipe.

Pecan Delights (makes about 4 dozen)

Ingredients:  1 c. softened butter, 3 T sugar, 2 c unsifted all-purpose flour, 2 c chopped pecans, 2 T vanilla extract, powdered sugar.

Cream together butter & sugar.  Sift flour 3 times and blend into butter mixture.  Add nuts & vanilla.  Roll into balls about 1″ in diameter.  Place on a baking sheet and bake for 1 hr @ 275.  While still warm, roll in powered sugar.  Roll again when cooled.  Store in a tight covered tin.  If it takes 2 baking sheets, switch after 30 min.  Turn over individual cookies if they begin to brown.  Enjoy!

Technicals:  Photo taken Dec. 27, 2019.  Nikon D3200, Nikkor Lens 16-80 @ 80mm, F6.3, ISO 200, 1/80 SS, Camera Raw, tripod.  Hubs is using a sifter filled with powered sugar to snow the cookies.  Cookies are sitting on a gold charger.  Black cloth taped to wall.

Cookie Snow1 Dec 2019 Color LoRes